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Twitter Advertising
Twitter Advertising

Achieve your business goals with objective based campaign through Twitter Ads. Amplify your message and get noticed to the right people.

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Partner with a Premiere Twitter Advertising Agency

Social Media Solutions can help you in developing a perfect Twitter Marketing Strategy. We have implemented various objective based campaign in Twitter Ads with different languages and demographics. Social Media Solutions has handful experience working with Twitter Advertisements.

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Get In front of Audience That Matters

Twitter offers more flexible and scalable targeting option which can help us to get in front of right Audiences. Twitter help us to target using demographics, audience features, custom audience and remarketing audience. We can help you in developing your customer persona in Twitter ADS.

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Amplify your Tweet and Get Found

Twitter Ads help us to increase the reach buying showing your ads to audiences related to your buyer Personas. You can even implement a similar audience concept by targeting similar type of audience of our Competitors. Let’s help you to do a sponsored tweet campaigns based on your audiences.

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Create objective based Campaigns.

Twitter helps to build your twitter campaigns through different objectives like Tweet Engagements, Followers, Traffic, and Video Views etc. Based on the business goals we can select the campaign type for implementations. We can help you to choose and implement campaigns based on your business Goals.

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Connect to an influential, Engaged Audience.

Twitter is considered as one of the most influential social media platform. It will help you to get your brand discovered to the right audiences. Twitter Ads will help us to implement Brand strategy in Twitter. We can help you in get connecting with your audiences in Twitter.

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Get In-depth insights about your Twitter Handle

Twitter Analytics give you brief insights about your twitter Activity. Campaign performance and audience insights will help us to understand how we can interact and grow our audiences in twitter. Analytics is considered as the key point as it help us to go forward.

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Types of Campaign

Follower Campaign

Grow your Community with high value of followers. Twitter Ads offers an option to build followers based on the brands targeted audiences. Results will be measured on Followers.

Tweet Engagement

Tweet Engagements help's to show your Tweet as promoted Tweet throughout the Twitter and Audience Platforms. The results will be measured in the basis of Engagements.

Website Click Campaigns

Website Click campaigns are the traffic driving campaigns. These Campaigns drive people from twitter platforms to a Landing page. The result will be measured on the basis of Link Clicks.

Promoted Video Views

Video Views campaign helps to create more awareness by showing video to targeted audience and engage them. In stream video pre roll campaigns are also available in twitter.

App Install Campaigns

App Install ads enable businesses to connect with the people who are more likely to install your App. Ads will be linked directly to the App Store so that people can download your mobile app.

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Frequently asked Questions

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Twitter helps to amplify your brand voice to target audience’s community and help you build a community for your Brand.

Twitter Advertisement helps us to create objective based campaigns which can help us to achieve business Goal. Twitter Ads offers Engagements, Traffic, Video Views, Awareness and Follower Campaigns. We can Select Campaign Type based on our goals.

Twitter offers a wide option to define your target audiences. Twitter targeting can be made based on demographics, Keywords and behaviors also. Twitter gives also options for Remarketing and Similar Audience.

Yes. Remarketing is one of the key points in Twitter Marketing campaigns. Twitter ads provide pixel codes which can help us in Re- Targeting the Audience.

Twitter Ads has an option called “Follower Look Alike”. This will help to Target people with interests similar to an account's followers.

The company should have a Team who can help in developing and implementing strategy, Content and Advertising. Physical presence in Qatar is one of the important thing and also a Bilingual Account Managers to communicate your requirement properly is also a Plus. Visit their offices & check their portfolio. Visit Social Media Solutions Office.

You need to keep your social media audience engaged by doing social media engagement activities in equal interval of time. Budget for the campaign is fully based on your Goals. Want to discuss a project Call Us Now