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Google Search Ads

Google Search Advertisement helps you to be in front of your customers when they search for your business.

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Be just a Google search away.

Google Search Ads helps you to showcase your business to prospects searching for your business. Ads will appear when these prospects search for your business or your services. The conversion rate from Google search ads is higher than all others.

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Locate your customers with keywords.

Google helps you to advertise your business based on keywords. Keywords are the search term which a customer searches for finding your business. Keywords can be your business name or any specific words related to your services.

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Stay local or go global.

Google Ads platforms offer location wise targeting options which help to display your business for specific Keywords in specific location across the world. Google Ads also provides location extensions which help to notify customers near to your locations.

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How people see your ad.

Google ads help to use separate versions of advertisement experience for different devices. Google ads focus on mobile versions ads to give more user experiences as mobile users have been increased.

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Measure, learn, and grow.

Google AdWords can be integrated with Google Analytics which will give the detailed reports on Traffic Generated through Google AdWords. Google ads have a reporting section where we can generate reports about campaign performance.

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Frequently asked Questions

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Google Search Advertisement helps you to be in front of your customers when they search for your business.

Keywords are the phrases which customers will search for finding your services.

Google Ads offers different keyword matches like Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match and Broad Match Modifier.

Google Ads provide various ads extensions which will help to pull out additional information’s. Location extensions, Call Extensions, Site link Extension, Call out Extension Structured snippet extension, Message extension are few of the Ad Extensions.

The company should have a Team who can help in developing and implementing strategy, Content and Advertising. Physical presence in Qatar is one of the important thing and also a Bilingual Account Managers to communicate your requirement properly is also a Plus. Visit their offices & check their portfolio. Visit Social Media Solutions Office.

The budget for the campaign is fully based on your Goals. Want to discuss a project Call Us Now