Product Photography

About Client:

Loop Mobility is an electric scooter-sharing service in Qatar. It aims to bring a mobility revolution for the Qatar market and to provide the first and last-mile micro-mobility solutions for its residents in Doha through its scooter-sharing service, extending the accessibility of public transport across the country. They have been our client for over 3 years.


Loop Mobility, First E-scooter Sharing App in  Qatar, sought to get their product photography to ‘best in class’ in order to achieve their strategic goals for digital growth and strong brand recognition. To meet this challenge, Loop Mobility turned to Social Media Solutions for providing its product photography services. 

For this, Loop required to capture multiple images of their product i.e.; Loop e-scooter with zoom and enriched descriptions and accurately portray the product itself in order for interest to strike to all and use the images as a marketing asset to showcase the brand’s true essence. 


To provide Loop Mobility with a studio photoshoot of their product i.e; electric scooter and develop alluring images of their brand product that will make an impact.

Loop MobilityClient

December, 2021Date